Custom Pens






Above a three examples of  a new color we call Persian.  You can see that it varies greatly from pen to pen.  It has great depth similar to Leboeuf celluloid. We are making these with Brad Torelli in the form of a double-jewel aerometric.  Introductory Price: $350.................. 2 week delivery time 

Also available in a Double-Jewel vac filler : Price $550

Pens are sold without a cap. 


I will be making Parker 51-style pens with  Bradford Torelli.  Previously, the pens were made by Lynn Sorgatz of Wisconsin.  As new pens are produced I will post pictures here.

     I will also be

selling caps made by Ariel Kullock.  See the images, below to see what is currently available.

 In vintage celluloid we have Sheaffer Blue-on Blue (sold out), Waterman Blue, Cream with Peach Flecks, Turquoise and Cherry Red celluloid all in limited supply.   



To the left are vintage celluloid (turquoise and peach flecked blue and cream) from Waterman.     On the right are some modern acrylic acetate  samples.  I will be having some double jewel aerometrics produced which will be available for $350 (no cap).  Torelli can also manufacture other pen models reminiscent of the golden age of  pens.  Please request a quote on your "concept" pen.                    












Custom colors can be created for special jobs.

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